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Dad's Rock!

Pretty much every dad I have photographed has made it clear at the beginning of the session that he is here for his wife and kids. They are a little, or a lot, tense; not sure what to do with themselves and definitely hoping this will be painless and over quickly.

Kudos to all the dads who honor and are willing to make the sacrifice for the family, and here’s a little bit of pre-session wisdom.

Don’t worry about the posing and what to do with your hands or whether you should smile. Engage with your wife. Look in her eyes and pull her close.

Play with you children. They are nervous too. Don’t worry about whether they are smiling, or looking at me. I got this. Your job is to hug them, tickle them, tell them a story. Kiss their mom so they will make faces.

I’ve got you covered. You do what you to best. Love your family. I will do what I do best and capture that love and tell your story.

PS: A shot of whiskey before the session can help too...😊


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