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Moms, Stop Dodging My Camera!

Family photo time:

Get images of the whole family. Check

Get images of the just the children. Check

Get images of Mom and children. Check

Get images of Dad and children. Check

Get images of Mom and Dad. Check

Get images of just MOM…

What!?! Wait! Why just Mom?

This is where Moms start backing away from me shaking their heads "no."

But I am relentless.

Moms are rock stars and need to be reminded of it.

They are the glue that holds families together.

They most often left out of family pictures because they are taking the pictures.

Dad needs an image of his lover for his office, locker, phone screen.

Children need images of their mother as they grow up.

Mom needs her photo taken and I aim to take it!

Mom you are beautiful, stunning and fabulous!

I love you! Talk to me!


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