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The Most Beautiful Women in the World!

Years ago, while sitting on a park bench, watching my children play, a "Grandpa" came and sat on the other end. He was watching his daughter push his grandson in the infant swing. We struck up a conversation, he asked me about my children, I about his; sharing back and forth about how fast they grow up and the different activities they were all involved in and the like.

While we were talking a young expectant mother walked by. Grandpa stopped talking and said, "There goes the one of the most beautiful woman in the world."

I was a little taken back, she was a striking young woman, but I was surprised by the passion his voice. He turned to me and asked if I agreed. I said hesitantly, "yes, she is beautiful."

He smiled, and said, almost to himself, "being in the family way, makes all women the most beautiful women in the world."

My heart softened and tears filled my eyes when I realized he sincerely believed in the beauty of pregnancy and saw this, obviously uncomfortable, but glowing, young woman as "one of the world's most beautiful women."

That sparked a memory in me from my pregnancy: I was coming up on my due date and just feeling fat and frumpy, wanting to be done. After church one Sunday, a blessed church elder came up to me and gave me a hug and told me I was the most beautiful woman in church that day. I walked out of church feeling amazingly beautiful.

As a maternity photographer I see that striking beauty in each of the expecting mommas I shoot. The glow is real. Mommas are amazing and the honor of carrying a new life, feeling that life grow, move and hiccup are some of the greatest wonderments of creation.

I am honored by each woman who chooses to let me be a part of that experience with here. Allowing me into her life to capture that glow and show her she truly is The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

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