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Yearly Photos...A Family Tradition

Recently I did an Extended Family Photo Session with an amazing family.

"...time and life are precious..."

This is a family with a back story that pulls on your heartstrings and defines the miraculous. They have a tradition: “Have family photos taken EVERY YEAR!”

I asked the mom/grandma “why every year?

She replied, “Wendy, I feel it is important to take family photos together every year because time and life are precious and they seem to march on at such a swift pace.

There are years that the picture is almost unbearable to take because of sadness and loss...and then there are years where you are feeling so abundantly blessed you want to shout it from the mountain tops!!! But all those emotions and transitions are important to document.”

"...all those emotions and transitions are important to document."

I believe this was a mountain top year for them.

I have witnessed these hard times and blessings. I have lived them. Photos remind us, connect us, they tell our story.

Another friend of mine related recently that she and her late husband also had the same tradition, even when money was tight, they made a point of getting those pictures taken.

When he passed they have a photo story of a beautiful life.

Start a tradition that is meaningful. Don’t miss the opportunity to freeze time. It is precious and your story is important!



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